Welcome to Ian's Farm

Ian has a small property in Natadola Bay were he is testing out new crops. He currently grows bongo chillies however is aiming to commercialise his citrus plantation. He wants to produce limes all year round but just needs to know what the demand is.

He lives in the Nadi area, where most of his family also lives on the land. One of his cousins, for example, is growing wild coffee near Lautoka.

Our farm

  • Location: Natadola Bay, Fiji
  • Speciality: Citrus
  • Workers: 2

Our people

  • Ian
Wild Coffee-Unique-Ian's Farm-Aggie Global Fiji Wild Coffee-Unique-Ian's Farm-Aggie Global Fiji
Wild Coffee Ian's Farm
Limes-Fruit-Ian's Farm-Aggie Global Fiji Limes-Fruit-Ian's Farm-Aggie Global Fiji
Limes Ian's Farm
Bongo Chilli's
Bongo Chilli's Ian's Farm