Welcome to King Prawns Fiji

Mr Shah and his family are pioneering the seafood industry in Fiji with their commercial prawn production outside of Nadi. They specialise in Black Tiger Shrimp farming and will harvest tonnes at a time, making their seafood available for commercial buyers both in Fiji and overseas.

King Prawns Fiji are the only producer of post-larvae native shrimps in Fiji but strive to show other farmers that they can make a living by farming even with brackish water suppliers. The Sri Lankan team aim to create a nurturing environment to empower farmers with confidence so they can reach their full potential whilst also fishing local species.

With climate change and rising sea levels as a huge driver for King Prawns Fiji, whilst their aim is to make an alternative source of living from the land, in an environmentally friendly manner. The key mission of the farm is to act as a demonstration farm to help fellow farmers produce high-quality shrimp consistently.

Our farm

  • Location: Malomalo Yako, Nadi
  • Speciality: Black Tiger King Prawns
  • Workers: 6

Our people

  • The Team