Farmers and Suppliers

We at Aggie Global are promoting locally grown food and enabling farmers to sell their produce to new markets.  We are connecting you (the farmer) to the hotel industry to increase your revenue and help you concentrate on what you do best, growing great quality food. We help smallholder farmers, commercialise their production right here in Fiji.


We cannot guarantee we will find a buyer for you, but we will do our best!


To join the platform get in contact at or 9708933. Someone on the team will come to you and your farm where we will conduct a quick interview. The idea is to get to know you, your farm and get a few photos of yourself and your products, so we can create a profile immediately (rf this is of concern, please let us know).


Once online, you will need to update your stock and what you are growing weekly to make sure the buyers know what you have and we can make sure we don't over promise anything. Simply email to update the availability of your produce.


If you are just starting and don’t know what hotels want but you want to sell to them. We do a consultancy service too to help train you and get you ready to sell to a bigger market. If you are interested in this service, please email We do charge an hourly fee for this service however. 


Any produce sold over our platform incurs a transaction fee which helps Aggie Global grow to make sure we can continue to market your produce. 


If you want to learn more about the farmers we currently work with read our blog posts OR visit the farmers pages.