Kolionio Vunaki

Kolionio Vunaki


Kolinio, or Kolin, is a subsistent farmer growing food for his family on one acre of land. 

Every morning he harvests what crops he can. His wife (Laginga) then travels to Sigatoka Town, to sell the harvest at the fresh fruit and vegetable market.

Kolin attended a workshop early in 2018 and readily implemented the practices. However, in March ‘18 his crops were destroyed as Sigatoka river flooded his land. He lost all his crops and had to start again.

He was able to receive free seeds from the Ministry of Agriculture but it meant he couldn’t choose what crops to grow. However, he was able to plant pumpkin, long beans and cucumber to start earning an income a few months later.

He recently finished renovating his house, so now he has more space for his daughter to move back home and work in the local resorts.

As he continues to grow a mix of vegetables, Aggie Global will try to connect him with the best buyers we can. Keep an eye on the platform to see when Kolin's produce becomes available.