How to get involved as a Supplier or Farmer

Aggie Global is promoting locally grown food and enabling farmers to sell their produce online.


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We are connecting you to the tourism sector to increase your revenue and help you concentrate on what you do best, growing delicious food. We help smallholder farmers, commercialise their production right here in Fiji.

We cannot guarantee we will find a buyer for you, but we will do our best!


To join the platform fill in this form here.


This information will be used to create your own farmer profile. For example, visit Prasad's Organic Supplies page.


If you have any issues with the form above email . Please note that we require high quality images of yourself and the products you are selling, so please have these ready to upload into the form when you are registering.


Consultancy and Advice when starting out 

If you are just starting your farm or you don’t know what crops hotels want, we do a consultancy service too. The aim is to make sure you are ready to sell to hotels and are growing a high quality crop that is in demand.


If you are interested in this service, please email or fill in this form.


Please note that we do charge an hourly fee for this service. 



Partners that also help promote your produce

We have also partnered with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in Fiji to help them find more farmers for their Fijian Grown campaign.  Click the icon below to sign up to join their community too.


Fijian Grown Locally made food Ministry of Industry Tourism and Trade partner Aggie Global

Vinaka Vaka Levu.

If you want to learn more about the farmers we currently work with read our blog posts OR visit our farmers' pages.