Our Story

Aggie Global believes that connecting individuals to like-minded people we can overcome challenges on an individual and global scale. Aggie Global is founded by twin sisters, Lisa and Zoe Paisley, who have a passion for agriculture and social impact. After studying agricultural science at university and working in developing countries for over 12 months, Lisa and Zoe saw the challenges farmers faced first hand. Aggie Global was formed to help farmers address these challenges that prevent agricultural development.

Our Vision

To address food security by connecting the 570 million smallholder farmers around the world through technology. We believe farmers are some of the most resilient community members, having to work around market fluctuations and environmental hurdles which is only going to become more challenging with climate change. All countries will be impacted by these trends, yet developing countries in particular are at the greatest risk. There is usually little support locally, rapid population growth and competition from international growers. Yet developing countries have the biggest potential to become self-sustaining. Through technology and our network, farmers can connect with researchers, expertise, suppliers and buyers to combat food security. By improving smallholder farmers’ access to resources and other people, the quality and quantity of food grown can be improved. Aggie Global believes this will help farmers increase the amount of high quality produce grown, to meet the demand of consumers. Globally, farmers face numerous barriers for agricultural development that create inefficient supply chains, poor access to resources and lack of access to knowledge that can improve on-farm productivity. This is why Aggie Global was founded.


Our Values

Aggie Global is a social business that holds to its core values to provide its customers with quality products and services. Our values are:


Tip the Scales
Unchecked Curiosity
Be the Expert
Stumble to Success
Tireless Enthusiasm
Relentless Honesty