About Us

Aggie Global was founded by Lisa and Zoe Paisley, jointly known as ‘The (Paisley) Twins’.

Growing up in the outskirts of Sydney, Lisa and Zoe were exposed to ‘country’ and urban living, which sparked their passion for the outdoors and food. Both Lisa and Zoe studied Agriculture at university to cultivate their passion in agriculture because “everyone needs to eat”. By learning the ins and outs of food production it was one way Lisa and Zoe could make sure everyone could eat.

The twins are from a travelling family, so choosing an industry that has ‘no roots’ was preferred. During their degree they gained experience in Australia, Laos and Fiji understand agricultural systems in developed and developing countries. This exposure gave them the incentive to make a difference and bring their expertise to farmers in rural areas and developing countries.

Now they live in Fiji to bring their knowledge to those who need it through Aggie Global (registered as Agriculture Connect Pte Ltd in Fiji).



Lisa Paisley

When starting her career in agriculture, Lisa wanted to focus on one thing. Addressing food security. Her university studies focused on sustainable food production and the use of technology to reduce negative environmental, social and economic impacts associated with agriculture. Lisa’s understanding in horticulture, integrated pest management, post harvest management and soil science, will enable Aggie Global to facilitate the development of efficient and profitable food supply chains. She graduated from Sydney University in 2018, receiving first class honors in her Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree.

Since July 2016, Lisa has worked with farmers in Fiji at various capacities. This ranged from conducting consultancies and workshops with farmers to leading teams of 30+ students working on agricultural projects in multiple developing countries. Lisa has undertaken training that is the equivalent of a Certificate IV in Leadership in Team Management.

Lisa is passionate about bridging the gap between farmers, markets and researchers to ensure the agricultural sphere thrives. She endeavours to ensure the business benefits all customers and community members to ensure food security is overcome in a sustainable manner. To ensure Aggie Global obtains its goals, Lisa is constantly seeking to grow Aggie Global’s community by seeking out new Aggies.



Zoe Paisley

Zoe is a fellow co-founder of Aggie Global. She graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honors in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Over the course of the degree, Zoe studied a range of topics in agriculture, from horticulture and agronomy to new and emerging technology in animal production. Through placements, Zoe gained first hand experience in a range of sectors within the agricultural industry both nationally and internationally, which further enhanced her passion for development agriculture.

Zoe obtained the equivalent of a Certificate IV in Leadership in Management, giving her experience of managing teams to achieve a goal. She has managed 7 teams across 4 developing countries at a single point in time, over a four month time period. From this, she knows how to manage people effective to reach goals, hence her ability to run Aggie Global across 4 countries since the founding of Aggie Global.

Within Aggie Global, Zoe Paisley focuses on the products and services delivered to the Aggies, by improving upon the existing products and services and guiding the development of future products.