Welcome to Ravinesh Prasad's Organic Farm

Whilst studying at university, Ravineh's father fell into financial hardship, so Ravinesh decided to return home to commercialise the family farm. He now works on the full-time on the farm producing a range of organic produce. The farm now helps Ravinesh support his elderly parents, wife, young kid and sister who is disabled and can not work.

Ravinesh is passionate about his farm and the food he produces, and aims to meet his customer needs as best he can. In one year, he grew his honey production from 3 bee hives to 15 hives, with no intention of stopping there. He wants to be the biggest organic supplier in Fiji!

Although he specialises in honey, he also grows vegetables, herbs and is open to any other products you want grown locally.

More about Ravinesh Prasad

  • Favourite Food: Dhal and rice made by either his mother or his wife.
  • Goals for the Farm: To gain enough profit from the farm to buy a 10 acre property in Ba to increase his production further. The money he makes from this larger farm will all go back to his family to help them have a prosperous life.
  • Travel Goals: Ravinesh's top 5 places to visit before he dies are India, United States of America, London, Australia and New Zealand.

Our farm

  • Location: Ba, Fiji
  • Speciality: Organic Honey
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Ravinesh organic food farmer from Ba, Fiji.
    Ravinesh Prasad