Launch of our Aussie Shop

Launch of our Aussie Shop

Aggie Global is setting up in Down Under!

Today we are launching our Australian website. We are really excited to bring the business to our home country and start supporting Aussie farmers doing it tough.

We want to bring transparency to the food supply chain and bring trust back into broken systems. However, we have pivoted how we operate. Instead on focusing on bringing local produce to the tourism sector, we are now bringing local produce to your doorstep.

We will help bring produce straight from the farm to your home. Our home delivery service will highlight what local food is available right now and help you see what impact buying local has for our farmers.

We already have 3 producers onboard in the Sydney area, and we can’t wait to bring their produce to you. We have kombucha, sourkraut, salad greens and olives, with eggs, dairy, berries and vegetables coming very soon! We will be getting more farmers onboard every day, so keep an eye on our online store to see what is available.