Your Farmer Liaison for Fijian Produce

Your Farmer Liaison for Fijian Produce

Have you ever heard of a Farmer Liaison?

They are the people restaurants hire to work closely with farmers to ensure chefs get the products they want. A farmer liaison will work closely with multiple local farmers to ensure restaurants get the variety of produce they want, every week to the standard they need for their meals.

This service is hugely needed. For chefs in Fiji, it takes them 12+ months to find trusted local suppliers and even so, they will spend hours every week trying to guarantee the supply of high quality, fresh produce. In the end, many chefs will end up importing food rather than supporting local. 

This challenge is exactly why Aggie Global was started. We make supporting local and sourcing high quality produce from Fijian farmers EASY. Instead of your head chef or procurement officer spending hours on the phone, they can now focus on cooking great meals or talking to one Farmer liaison rather than 20+ suppliers.

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