Easing the Procurement of Locally Grown Food

Working in Fiji helping our buyers purchase locally grown products has shown that our customers have faced alot of hardships trying to do this themselves. Below we've summarised the key challenges our buyers have faced in the past, before they placed an order with us to buy local and support local farmers.

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Buying Local Takes Time

Importing food is easy and consistent, but what if buying local could be just as convenient?
Buying locally grown produce is tough. For chefs in hotels, it can take up to one year to fully understand the agricultural systems in the country they work. After twelve months of phone calls and emails, buyers finally find a handful of local farmers they trust to provide them with high quality food, consistently throughout the year. As a result many buyers will revert to importing produce as it is convenient to do so. 
So it is no wonder that around the world we are importing $1.51 trillion of food every year. 

But what if buying local produce could be just as convenient as buying through middlemen that source imported products?

Aggie Global does just this. We doyour running around for you. We contact our farmers and search for the products you want and get your order to you in a timely manner. All the while, you are updated with the products we have reserved for you and when we can delivery your goods. 

For a better exmaple, watch the video explaining how we have helped customers just like Ravinesh source locally grown produce.