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Aggie Global is disrupting the food supply chain to create a virtuous cycle that benefits all parties.

We showcase local food to empower farmers to increase income and break the poverty cycle.

To do this we have created a demand driven platform. Buyers place an order, showing farmers what produce they want and how much. Farmers can then plan their harvests accordingly to meet demand.

If there is food you want to be buying locally, but can’t see it on our platform, let us know today

We educate buyers about the availability of local produce. When we first started engaging with chefs, we quickly found that they simply did not know what was available locally and when. They knew there was potential to buy local food in Fiji but it was too difficult to find information about what local food on offer.

Our platform helps buyers plan their menu’s in advance by filtering produce by the months the produce is available. This helps chefs hero local produce and support rural communities at the same time.