Welcome to Gaiatree Sanctuary

Gaiatree Sanctuary is an 8 acre organic spice plantation on beautiful Taveuni Island. Team Gaiatree is made up of 95% local women who have integrated permaculture techniques into a living example of a sustainable Fiji Food Forest.

Starting with the first seedling planted in 2009 the focus has been on cultivating tropical superfoods, edible flowers, medicinal herbs and spices. The farm is managed holistically ensuring the preservation and support of all eco-systems.

Gaiatree now offers top chefs and mixologists around the country to share in the abundance with Elevate Edible Flowers and Microgreens. Elevate celebrates Fiji's local crop potential, seasonality and works with the natural environment to produce consistent high quality products.

Fun Fact - all Elevate packaging is recycled, reused or compostable PLA plastic containers.

Our farm

  • Location: Taveuni Island,¬†Fiji
  • Speciality: Edible Flowers
  • Workers: 9

Our people

  • Sallui
    Market Coordinator
  • Pete
  • Muni
    Harvest Manager
  • Maggie
    Prod Manager
  • Sulu
  • Vikashni
    Team Leader