Welcome to Haleemi Apiary

Coming from a beekeeping family, Siraz's love for bees started in childhood. Beekeeping runs in Siraz's family, where, as a child, Siraz would help his uncle take care of his beehives.

After reading and seeing the first-hand effects of climate change in his Province, Siraz decided to do his part and reverse the effects of climate change, even if this is only on a small scale, through beekeeping.

In 2011, he started with 5 hives and now has over 300 beehives!

Every 6 months he harvests the honey and can get up to 2 tonnes! After harvest, Siraz takes the honey to his pack-house, where the honey is packaged in Food Grade bottles to ensure the honey is preserved to the highest standard.

Siraz takes the best care of his bees he can. He doesn’t use any chemicals near his boxes and gets Biosecurity Authority of Fiji to check his hives and bees every 3 weeks, to ensure they are healthy workers. The health of his bees is crucial, as they can travel up to 3km from their hives, to collect pollen from a variety of nearby flowers and crops.

Permaculture techniques and energy-efficient equipment, are used at Haleemi Apiary to minimise environmental degradation.

Siraz Rasheed would love us all to play our part together, for a sustainable future. In buying Haleemi Apiary products, you are supporting Siraz in addressing climate change himself.

More about Siraz

  • Favourite Food: Anything with Honey.
  • The place he wants to travel to most: Mecca, to go on a pilgrimage.
  • Main Driver for the Farm: Climate Change.

Our farm

  • Location: Rakiraki, Fiji
  • Speciality: Honey
  • Workers: 2

Our people

  • Siraz Rasheed
    Apiary Owner
  • The Boys
    Harvesting team