Welcome to Mama's Mushrooms

All of Mama’s mushrooms are grown indoors, organically and Fanny aims to have organic certification approved by the end of 2020. With her indoor system, Fanny has the ability to control the humidity, temperature and airflow so her mushrooms can grow all year round.

Fanny loves her oyster mushrooms as they are a great ingredient for family meals, that also has good nutritional content. During the growth cycle of her mushrooms, the fungi add beneficial nutrients into the soil. So after harvest, Fanny takes the soil the mushrooms grew in and mixes it with soil and sand, to create a high nitrogen fertiliser for other farmers.

Mama’s Mushrooms reinvest their money made through mushroom farming back into their production system and their community. Fanny partners with education institutes to teach students about oyster mushroom farming in Fiji. As a result, Fanny aims to continue to grow Mama’s Mushrooms and partner with community organisations, to help other families support themselves through mushroom farming.

More about Fanny

  • Favourite Food: Steamed Fish in Baloney Sauce with Garlic Butter Mushrooms on the side and a hot bowl of Rice.
  • The place they want to travel to most: Israel. Israel is the world's leaders in the global agricultural industry and their research methods in this area is unmatched. I would like to learn their methods and processes and possibly replicate them here in Fiji for some of our planned supplementary crops.
  • Favourite part of farming: Watching the mushrooms pinning and then 'mushrooming' within hours. I also really enjoy watching my sons take ownership of the farm in their own way and helping out where we allow them too.

Our farm

  • Location: Lautoka
  • Speciality: Oyster Mushrooms
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Fanny Fiteli