Welcome to Merewalesi Tulia's Farm

Merewalesi Tulia has been growing organic flowers and selling local produce for 30yrs. She has always loved growing flowers, ever since she was a young girl. Tulia lives in Lomaiwai village along the Coral Coast, a coastline filled with beautiful beaches. Along the beaches in her village are Dilo trees.

Dilo trees are valued highly in Fiji, as they are natives that protect the beach from erosion and provide natural resources for the village. Dilo nuts can be used for a range of products, including Tamanu oils and beauty products.

Tulia and women from her village hand-pick the dilo nuts to sell in Namaka and through Aggie Global, to provide an income for themselves.

Over the past 30yrs, Merewalesi has noticed an increase in travel and living costs, which are becoming her biggest challenges. However, she continues to travel to Namaka markets to sell her products in order to support her family, church and village. The welfare of her family drives her to continue her business, so when you buy from Tulia, you support not just herself, but her family and community.

More about Merewalesi Tulia

  • Favourite Food: Boiled seafood and vegetables
  • The place they want to travel to most: New Zealand
  • Favourite Part of Farming: Planting the flowers

Our farm

  • Location: Coral Coast, Fiji
  • Speciality: Flowers
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Merewalesi Tulia
    Owner and Florist