Welcome to Prem (Superwoman) Lata

Prem is a Superwoman for all your plant needs!

Prem’s passion is collecting different varieties of unique trees. Her rare collection led her to selling unique plants to those in Namaka markets. Although Prem doesn’t always grow the plants herself, she sources them from a range of trusted suppliers in Tavua, Ba, Rakiraki, Sigatoka and Serua. Over the past 3yrs, she has collected a variety of local and rare plants.

By following her passion, she has become the sole bread winner of the family. Her husband is sick, so cannot work, so she works to support him and their two sons through school. Prem is planning to build a nursery to protect her plants, then target cosmetic companies and native estate owners as buyers for her plants.

She has many plants including dilo, macadamia, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, Soy sup, Custard apple, Mandarin, Citrus, Lime, Pomegranate, passion fruit, guava, bulls heart, nutmeg, purple chillies, neem, green tea - you name it and she can find it for you!

"I know no one in the market has these plants and there is always people searching for them, that is why I know I have a demand."

More about Prem (Superwoman) Lata

  • Favourite Food: Spicy hot fish curry and roti
  • The place they want to travel to most: New Zealand to visit family
  • Favourite Part of Farming: Finding unique and rare plants
  • Why do you farm? "This is my daily Roti, this is my only source of income. I have a responsibility to my family that is what drives me to do this."

Our farm

  • Location: Kereraas Votualevu, Nadi
  • Speciality: Unique Plants
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Prem (Superwoman) Lata
    Plant Collector