Welcome to Sikeli's Seaside Farm

Sikeli is a one man team farming in Nausori.

In a previous life he worked in communications and marketing, but changed careers to provide a better life for his family, nieces and nephews.

Sikeli decided to start growing something unique, which led him to oyster mushroom farming! He is at a stage where he needs to sell more mushrooms to new buyers.

This means you will have to pre-order to confirm supply. Reach out now, so Sikeli can plan his production to meet your order.

More about Sikeli

  • Favourite Food: Fish with coconut roro, shared with his family.
  • Goals for the Farm: To create a self-sufficient system that generates enough money so he can grow the farm and support his family and their dreams.

Our farm

  • Location: Nasouri, Fiji
  • Speciality: Oyster Mushrooms
  • Workers: 1

Our people

  • Sikeli mushroom and honey farmer in Suva, Fiji, with his family.
    Farmer and father