Welcome to Sky-City Farm

Viliame, farm manager at Sky-City Farms, grows produce to provide for his family. He has been learning traditional practices for the past 40 years, which allows him to supply a continuous harvest of 150kg of Dalo every week.

From sowing to harvest, Viliame and his family do everything by hand. He has always believed that handling soil with care will provide the crops with a healthy environment to thrive in. This is why Sky-City Farm is an organic farm. Viliame has created a cyclic production system, where cow and goat manure is used as fertilisers for his crops.

However, it isn’t always easy. Viliame has to transport his harvest to the nearby village, which is 4km away. With no transport, this is tiresome.

Despite this Viliame works hard on his farm to demonstrate how farms can flourish, in the hopes of inspiring young people to pursue a career in agriculture.

More about Viliame

  • Favourite Food: Vegetable Chop Suey with Dalo
  • The place he wants to travel to most: New Zealand, to see how farmers grow apples.
  • Goals for the Farm: Viliame farms to support his family. He wants to deposit enough money in the bank so he can pay for his kid's education and buy himself a vehicle.

Our farm

  • Location: Nasukamai Village, Rakiraki, Fiji
  • Speciality: Traditional Root Crops
  • Workers: 4

Our people

  • Viliame
  • Litia Timai
    Wife and Farm Helper
  • Sevanaia Soqonawai
    First Son and Farm Helper
  • Mikaele Vadei
    Second Son and Farm Helper
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Organic Dalo Sky-City Farm