Welcome to Vee's Honey

Vitila Vuniwaqa started Vee’s Honey in 2015 after a long career as a Flight Attendant for Fiji Airways she had to change careers after a stroke which left her right side paralysed. With her strong will, Vitilia was able to gain mobility back in her right side, after 2 years of rehabilitation in both Fiji and India.

Using her mothers experience in the Dairy sector, Vitila started up Vee’s honey to supply locally grown products to local businesses and to help provide healthy products to her community. On her farm, she grows a variety of fruits and vegetables, however, her most popular products are her honey and creams.

Vitilia uses permaculture and organic practices on her farm to help her local ecosystem thrive. While she is not on the farm, she is training for triathlons or surfing on the beach.

More about Vitila

  • Favourite Food: Seafood with Fijian Milk (lolo)
  • The place they want to travel to most: Her home, to explore Fiji more.
  • Favourite part of farming: Harvesting the Honey

Our farm

  • Location: Sabeto Valley, Nadi
  • Speciality: Honey
  • Workers: 3

Our people

  • Vitila Vuniwaqa
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