Welcome to Viny's Flower Corner

Early every morning, in the Namaka Market - You might see Veniana Liku humming a song and arranging her beautiful ginger flowers and orchid bouquets. Veniana, known commonly as Viny, grows her flowers with much love and care at her family farm in Nayavu Wainibuka, Tailevu and her maternal village in Vunaniu, Serua.

Viny has been in the local flowers, trees and nuts business for more than 10 years. She has always wanted to work for herself;with her hard work fueling her passion for independence.


Viny's independence makes her a great role model for her 10 year old daughter, Veniana (her namesake). Providing quality education and lifestyle for Veniana, is a huge motivator plus supporting her family and village is important to Veny too.

As we met Viny for her interview, Viny kaila'ed* "Natural is the way!", as she grows her flowers organically. She wild harvests her flowers, but meticulously weeds near the flowers. She mulches with grass, and uses here own home-made compost mix to fertilise the flowers.

Viny loves her Fiji, her mana, her hardworking family and growing together with Aggie! By buying from her, you are not only promoting local and helping a female business owner but you are also nurturing her village community; supporting a 10 year old girl to receive quality education; helping Viny get food on her table and keeping Viny's flower arranging assistants employed.
Check out her products to further support Viny and her community.

*Kaila'ed is joyously and excitedly exclaim or yell.


More about Viny

  • Favourite Food: Prawns! A bucket of yummy garlic prawns for herself!
  • The place she wants to travel to most: Aussie
  • Goals for the Farm: Her Daughter, her family and her passion to be independent

Our farm

  • Location: Namaka, Viti Levu
  • Speciality: Flowers
  • Workers: 4

Our people

  • Veniana Liku
    Grower and Florist